Class of 2015 high school seniors: Arizona Photographer

I am so happy to have had the chance to photograph some awesome seniors this year! One of the things I love the most about seniors is their individuality. I love to create sessions that show an individual’s passions and interests. This year I think I had the most unique sessions. I always try to keep session fun and laid back and  I am always open to ideas. This year I had a few ideas of my own and I was so happy that I had seniors that trusted me to give them an experience that was one-of-a-kind . Here is a slideshow I put together of just a few of the amazing 2015 seniors I had the chance to photograph this year.


Beckett Yuma Catholic High School 2015 senior: Arizona Photographer


I have had this idea for a male senior shoot for a while. I wanted to do an ariel shot of someone in a pool wearing a suit. I just needed someone that wouldn’t mind posing for such a shoot, or ruining some nice clothes in the process. So glad Beckett was game. We took a few from a normal vantage point, but my favorite one was taken from above with me on a scissor lift. I am not a fan of heights and I was pretty high up when I took that image. But I am so glad I decided to try it anyway. We had a great time with this session. Beckett is one of those people that the camera loves. I totally think he could make this a career if he wanted to! Here are just a few of my favorites from Beckett’s pool session. 2015-04-26_00112015-04-26_00102015-04-26_0012

Sophie Yuma Catholic High School 2015 senior: Arizona Photographer

I always had a vision of creating high school senior portraits that aren’t just the typical portraits that you see all the time. I want to offer seniors more. I have always been inspired by fashion photographers and feel my work does have a more editorial feel especially when I photograph seniors. This year I decided to try some things that I have been dying to try.

Lindsay Adler is a very successful New York based fashion photographer that I have been following for a few years now. I even got the chance to meet her and attend a couple of her classes at a WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) conference. When she started a company called Dream Shoot Rentals that rents dresses and other garments to professional photographers I was super interested. I wanted to see if I could incorporate one of her beautiful dresses into a senior session. When I saw the parachute dress I said to myself  “I need to use that dress!” I just had to find the perfect model for the vision.

Fast forward a few months. I showed Sophie’s mom, Jane , the parachute dress online and she was all about it. So, we brain stormed and came up with an idea. We decided that the Imperial Sand Dunes would be an awesome location for the session. We wanted to take some individuals of Sophie in the dress and we also wanted to include Sophie’s twin brother, Beckett as well.

The day of the session was set and we had a small window of time to take the photos before I had to send the dress back. I was so worried because the day of the session a huge storm blew through Yuma. It was extremely windy and rainy and I thought we would have to cancel the session. But we decided to try anyway because of the dress availability. I am so glad we went through with it. By the time we got out to the dunes the rain stopped and the wind died down. The clouds that night were amazing. I don’t think we would have gotten as good of a backdrop if it had’t stormed earlier that day.

The dress was amazing to work with. Sophie did an incredible job.It’s not an easy feet to stand still while being pulled around by the wind in the parachute dress. Sophie is one of those people that doesn’t even have to try to look good. She is simply stunning so I knew the final images would be amazing. I had a great crew of her family and friends to help out which is needed when carrying equipment into the dunes and dealing with such a giant dress.

I was so excited when I saw the images later that night after I uploaded them. Here are just a few of my favorites and some outtakes from this amazing session.2015-04-26_00022015-04-26_00052015-04-26_0003

This is my favorite of Sophie and Beckett together. 2015-04-26_0004

A behind the scenes look at everyone doing their job. 2015-04-26_0007A fun outtake of Sophie, Beckett and Joey. 2015-04-26_0006

I also took some studio images of Sophie for her yearbook photo. I loved working with the confetti. Here are a couple from that fun session. 2015-04-26_0008

Gabbie Yuma High School Senior 2015: Arizona Photographer

Gabbie was so much fun to photograph. Totally comfortable in front of the camera, easy going and super photogenic. I love her style too. We started her session around Downtown Yuma and ended it on the Softball field near Yuma Catholic. We stopped near a cabbage field in between. I thought it would be cool to take some by the huge hay bales surrounding the field. Next we traveled to the softball field. We thought it would be neat to have her wear a cocktail dress instead of her usual softball uniform. I think the result was amazing. Here are just a few of my favorites from Gabbie’s session. 2015-04-26_00212015-04-26_00222015-04-26_00232015-04-26_00242015-04-26_00252015-04-26_00262015-04-26_00272015-04-26_00282015-04-26_0029

Jaime Yuma Catholic High School 2015: Arizona Photographer

Jaime is on the baseball team for Yuma Catholic so of course we had to get some images of him on the field. But first we started by taking some casual images around Downtown Yuma. Then we lucked out with an amazing sunset. It looked like a painting. In the final image it looks like he is standing in front of a fake desert background, but it’s all real. I added some contrast, but the colors in the sunset image is exactly how it looked that night. Overall, it was a fun laid-back session. Jaime was so easy to work with and so glad his mom could tag along to help out.  Here are just a few of my favorites we captured during his senior session. 2015-04-26_00132015-04-26_00142015-04-26_00152015-04-26_00162015-04-26_00172015-04-26_00182015-04-26_00192015-04-26_0020