Taylor: Yuma Catholic High School class of 2020

Meet Taylor , a class of 2020 senior at Yuma Catholic High School. When I first met Taylor at her pre-session consultation I could tell she would be so fun to photograph! And I was right! We had a great time during her senior portrait session and she is such a natural in front of the camera. I loved so many of her images. It was hard to choose which ones to share. But I narrowed it down to my absolute favorites.

We started the session at my studio located in downtown Yuma. She wanted her puppy to be a part of her session and we thought the studio would be the best location for that because there are less distractions in the studio. Sir Rufus Winston is so adorable! Just look at that cute face! He posed and had me convinced that he needs his own Instagram. I always enjoy when clients bring their furry family members to the session. It makes for wonderful photos, but also helps everyone relax and get into the shoot. Not to mention the cuteness factor.

We took some of Taylor in her casual outfit without Sir Rufus Winston too.

Next we took some images of Taylor wearing a gorgeous black formal gown she had. She looked so elegant.

We also got some images of her in a beautiful light blue sweater that brought out her eyes.We decided to take some in the studio and then some at West Wetlands Park since this was such a perfect color for her.

I always encourage seniors to bring a variety of styles and colors of clothing to their sessions. How many outfits you get depends on the session type you choose. Seniors usually choose session packages that include 3 or more outfits. The more variety, the more images you get to choose from and that is always a good thing!

After the blue sweater Taylor changed into a gorgeous green top that fit her just as perfectly. We decided to head to a little wood bridge at the park for these images.

These next images are some of my favorites. Even though we don’t really have a fall season her in Yuma, I wanted to create the illusion of autumn for Taylor. So we found some leaves that had fallen and some old trees at the park.

We were lucky to have such a beautiful night for Taylor’s session. We took some by the river as the sun started to set. We even got the moon in the background of some of her images! I love the dress she chose for these.

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